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Infinite Motion Control, Inc., founded in 2001, is an engineering and manufacturing company that designs and produces equipment and automation for the global market.   

IMC produces large format material handling solutions for the digital printing and digital finishing industries and also offers machine design, industrial automation, and quality control inspection to the paper cup and container industry.

We partner with our customers the world over to provide creative, cost effective solutions to their most challenging applications.

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Infinite Motion Control is your Engineered Solution provider offering Engineering Design along with OEM Manufacturing.
We design & manufacture; automation, board and sheet handling, cup inspection, ergonomic solutions and service the product in markets around the world.

Material Handling Automation for Digital Printing

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Material Handling Automation for Digital Finishing

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Paper Cups

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Material Handling Automation for Digital Printing

IMC provides board handling automation to the digital printing market.  Our automation loads and aligns media from pallet stack to the printer ensuring perfect print-to-board registration. 

The IMC Stacker removes printed media from the printer and creates perfect stacks on the unload pallet.

IMC has extensive experience handling all media types used in the graphic printing industry.

Media types include rigid and flexible materials such as paper, paperboard, corrugated board, foam boards, vinyl, and poly carbonates, etc… 

Material Handling Automation for Digital Finishing

IMC has provided large and small board handling automation to the digital finishing market since 2005.  

Large format boards frequently used today require automated loading and unloading to maximize throughput and eliminate damage to the media as a result of manual handling.

Our automatic board feeder loads media from the pallet stack onto the cutter table and our automatic board stacker unloads the cut boards from the cutter table and onto a pallet.   

The automation is seamlessly integrated to the cutter providing continuous maximum throughput. Esko full auto

 Paper Cups

From our inception, IMC has produced proprietary inspection and material handling equipment used in the manufacture of paper cups and containers. 

We offer a complete line of high-speed paper cup handling devices, or diverters, used for the directional transport of cups in a cup plant.  Our diverters have become the industry standard throughout the world as they are used by all major cup produces.

Infinite Motion Control also provides proprietary inspection machinery used to monitor the production of paper and plastic cups and alert the manufacturer to declining cup quality.